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Candy Stripes

Preschool Staff


Dawn Tang

Lead teacher & Founder

Ms. Dawn has been teaching in Montessori class as a lead teacher for 12 years. She holds a B.A. in Literature and Education and took her MIA Montessori training in 2009. In 2012, Ms. Dawn Tang took her second training from Montessori Teacher Preparation of WA to be a teacher trainer, and started to help in MTP class as a trainer assistant since 2014. She believes "Our work is not to teach, but to help the absorbent mind in its work of development. How marvelous it would be if by our help, if by an intelligent treatment of the child, if by understanding the needs of his physical life and by feeding his intellect, we could prolong the period of functioning of the absorbent mind!"


Irene Chang

English teacher 

Ms. Irene graduated from the University of Oregon in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She is keen on child development and helping nurture young minds. Ms. Irene has had previous experience as a lead teacher at Kiddie Academy of Renton and as an assistant teacher at Cascade Christian Schools and Tacoma First Baptist Church. She has also served in the Children’s Ministry at her church and has volunteered for Vacation Bible School (VBS) for many years. Ms. Irene plays the piano and has also given piano lessons to children in the past. Ms. Irene has a genuine love for the outdoors and nature. She is passionate about cultivating young learners as well as sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone she encounters.


Cynthia Griffin

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Cynthia has worked with children since 2001. She believes working at a Montessori environment has provided her with countless opportunities to learn something new every day while building upon skills she has learned along the way. 

She will be attending school this Fall to finish her Marriage and Family Psychology degree while also obtaining her Montessori Teaching certificate. Throughout her years of experience, she believes it is important for a teacher to have some knowledge in psychology to better understand why children behave or act as they do.  

Ms. Cynthia also has a passion for music, which has been a part of her since she was a child. She learned to play piano at the age of 5, and has performed singing in many occasions at church events. 

Ms. Cynthia is fluent in Portuguese, conversational in Spanish, but She hope to learn more languages in the future.  

She looks forward to getting to know each family and student.  


Amy Zhu

Assistant Teacher

Ms. Amy graduated from the University of Washington. She likes to get along with the children very much and thinks they are very friendly and peaceful in the Montessori environment, whose eyes reveal curiosity and yearning for the world. “The Montessori philosophy is to help children discover their potential and autonomy by guiding them. In this way, they can be more confident and can do what they can do better,” as Ms Amy states, and she is passionate about guiding the growth of the children and helping them to study the wonderful things about life.


Sandy Hammersberg

Afternoon Teacher

Ms Sandy has been working with preschoolers for more than 21 years as an assistant. As a mom of three children and grandmother of two children, Ms Sandy strives to provide her passion and experience with assisting the English teacher in developing the potential and interests of each of the children. She assists in keeping a loving and safe environment for the children to learn and grow. She loves children and loves to see them try new things, become independent, to have success, and to see their confidence building every day. She enjoys it when they want to teach her Chinese words. Every day is a new day and I am excited to see what it brings.

Candy Stripes

Infant / Toddler Staff


Jasmine Yeh

Educator & Director

Ms. Jasmine has more than 30 years of experience in early childhood education, and this is her eighteenth academic year leads in a Montessori school. She took ECE courses and has been graduated from EWU with MIS degree. She holds Montessori teaching certificate at both Primary and Infant/toddler levels. She also has a certificate of postpartum lactation care. Jasmine has two girls, one is working as an elementary teacher, and one is a college student.

She is very obsessed with Montessori education. She believes a real Montessori teacher needs not only have enough knowledge also needs to be responsible, diligent, patient, passion, love and care. She always follows the children and observes them carefully. She spent lots of time designing lessons and making teaching materials for children to grow by exploring and experiencing through the prepared Montessori class, but not from people’s passive teaching. She emphasized that learning is joy. Her belief is to provide children with the most authentic, self-conscious learning life and suitable to their age. She said the true reward to be a teacher is watching each child enjoys working in the class and grow positively.


Gina Andrews

Toddler lead Teacher 

Ms. Gina is originally from Hawaii where she first started her teaching career. She has been teaching for almost a decade. She is a certified Montessori Lead Teacher with AMS credential. She further her knowledge by taking multiple early childhood education classes at Chaminade University in Hawaii. She is very passionate about early childhood learning and promoting education and social development. In her spare time, she loves to go on walks, car rides, hikes, try new food, listen to music, travel and spending time with her family and her dog SoleBear.  She is so excited to be your child’s teacher this year and she look forward to a wonderful year here at Shamrock Montessori.


Tiffani Tunsen 

Infant Teacher 

Ms. Tiffani has been working in childcare for 30 years. She was also a foster parent for 12 years. For many years she worked in Children’s ministry at her church.

Most of Ms. Tiffani’s education has been through conferences, trainings and seminars. She has a passion for learning how the brain develops and how the child’s environment effects it. She has been taking online classes to learn more about the Montessori way of teaching and is eager to practice it.

 She is excited to be working in an environment where she is allowed to outwardly praise Jesus. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and her pets. She loves to work in her yard and spend time in nature-God’s canvas.


Ning Wang

Chinese Teacher

Ms. Ning’s love for children brought her to the US in 2015 through the Au Pair childcare program. She graduated with an undergraduate degree in Art Education and continues her education in the US through Montessori certification programs. Ms. Ning has 5 years’ experience working in Montessori in her 7 years career as a teacher. Her belief in the development of children is to focus on the body, spirit, and mind. She loves to spend her time outdoors hiking, reading, and journaling about her experiences.

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