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Newsletter| November

Theme: Thanks and Giving

November is the season of thankfulness, extra kindnesses, and appreciation for others. This month our activities for children centered around the theme of: GRATITUDE! We hope our children not only THINK about gratitude, but to find ways to actively participate in expressions of thankfulness and giving.


Learning about the Continents

Continents are like big pieces of land or land masses. There are seven continents on Earth, which are North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica. We all like to sing the Continents Song and find the continent on the globe!

We made our own continents by tracing and coloring.

Most of the continents have lots of different countries on them. A country is also a piece of land. But countries are much smaller than continents. Look, I’m making my own Europe map. Do you know how many countries in Europe? There are fifties!

It’s a lot of fun to learn the flag of each country too!


The Story of First Thanksgiving

Do you know why we have Thanksgiving Day? We have Thanksgiving Day because of Pilgrims and Native Americans, who lived in the two continents—Europe and North America hundreds years ago.

The brave pilgrims left their homes for a new land to pray and worship God. They crossed the ocean on a ship called the Mayflower, landed in Plymouth after their long six-week journey. Meanwhile, the cold winter had set in. The winter was long, cold, and very hard for the Pilgrims. Luckily, Native Americans helped by supplying them with seeds and food, giving them the skills needed to survive. The pilgrims got a good fall harvest, they invited their friends Native Americans to celebrate their good fortune, they had a feast of thanksgiving.


Thanks and Giving

Over the years, the day we now celebrate as Thanksgiving became an important tradition in the United States—a day of giving thanks for all that we have.

We learned that there are so many foods were cooked for thanksgiving feast: turkey, corn, stuffing, pumpkin pie, mashed potato, gravy……

We shared a puppet story: The Golden House. We learned that friends are so important for us! We all want to say, thank you for being my friend!

Teacher said the mail man will deliver the letter to my dear mommy and daddy. Letter, letter, tell them that how much i love them, and thankful that i'm taken care of, protected and loved……

We made cookies and sent to our parents as a sweet love.


Thanksgiving Feast

We were busy preparing for our Thanksgiving. We made pinecone turkey, handprint turkey, Pilgrim and Native American headdress.

On Thanksgiving Day, we have invited our parents to celebrate with us! We sang songs to thanks for the sun, the sea, the tree, friends, teachers, farmers, our parents….


STEM-- Water Cycle

We had a little journey as a little water drop! We went to the sea to play with sea turtles and jellyfish, then we "evaporated" because of the hot sun, "became condensation," and then became clouds! Finally, we "fell" on the ground as rain and snow by precipitation. It was quite an enjoyable little trip!

We were so excited to make cloud and rain drops!

We kept a jar outside for measuring rain!


English Activities

We traced the letter we have learned.

We sound the objects and pictures to learn the uppercase and lowercase letter.

We reviewed all the sounds we have learned and sorted the objects by letters.

We spell and write the words with movable alphabets.


Chinese Activities

We enjoyed the puppet story and loved to retell it with the song: "红的墙,绿的窗,金色的屋顶亮堂堂!”

We reviewed the Pinyin we have learned by sewing with yarn.

We enjoyed in blending Pinyin and making words as in fā (沙发),fá(木筏), fă(魔法棒) fà(头发).

We reviewed the Chinese poem we have learned with booklet such as 《静夜思》,《悯农》,《相思》.


The End

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