Newsletter| May

Theme: Farm/Africa/Magnet

We planned the FARM Theme for our children in May! We visited the local farm, studied the life of farm and the farm animals. In geography, we continue to learn about the continent AFRICA. Our unit of STEM in this month is MAGNET.


Farm Animals

In our filed trip, we visited a farm and watched the sheep shearing. We saw a cow, pig, horse, sheep, goats, and few chickens.

We learned the farm animal family: adult male cows are called bulls, adult females cows are called cows, the young ones are called calves, etc.

We read a lot of books about farm animals and learned that cows can see colors, cows can live up to 25 years, cows have 4 stomachs, cows eat corn/hay/barley/beet pulp/grass/wheat, cows can give us milk/leather/meat, and milk can be made into cheese, yogurt, and butter!

Let’s play a guessing game - what sound does a cow make?

We made a paper bag pig.

I could use the egg holder to make a pig craft, too!



In continent Africa, we learned the African Song “Fung Alafia” with African Djembe Drum.

We introduced the country Egypt to our class. We explored the mysterious Egyptian culture and Egyptian mythology and we also tried on the beautiful costumes. Look how perky we are!

Do you know what animals live in Africa? The answer is zebra, giraffe, lion, elephant, rhino, and hippo.


living vs. non-living

What is living and what is non-living? Is a seed a living?or Is a stone a living? Let's watching them carefully! A seed needs soil, air and light to grow. It also can grow into a plant and reproduce. However, the stone is not changed at all.


We got 5 tiny caterpillars and began the journey of raising them. We observed and recorded their growth daily. At the beginning, the caterpillars only focused on eating, Then, one day, they stopped eating and stayed still without moving. Just over a weekend, they were all turned into cocoons. At the end, all the caterpillars broken the cocoons and turned into butterflies.

Take care butterflies

Butterflies' wings were wet when they just got out the cocoons. We were so worry to let them go right away. We decided to keep them until their wings are dry and ready to fly. We made the food for butterflies by mixing the water with sugar. We also feed them fresh watermelon and banana peel.

Now it is time to say good bye ! We will miss you butterflies!

We also caught a wild caterpillar and snails from our play yard and we were so eager to take care of them.

We feed the leaves, banana peels and strawberry to the snails and we brushed some water on the leaves to keep the snail hydrated. We also learned the parts of a snail.