Newsletter| October, 2018

Theme: Fall Harvest/ Pumpkin

Our theme of October is FALL HARVEST/ PUMPKIN.

Fall is the most beautiful season of a year. Children can hear the whistling wind, smell of frost, see the colorful leaves, and taste the ripe harvests. This month we will experience the fall atmosphere; learn about "mammal animals" and travel to the seven contents of the world.


English Activities

Why we have seasons? Seasons are caused because of the Earth's changing relationship to the Sun. The Earth travels around the Sun, called an orbit, once a year or every 365 days. As the Earth orbits the Sun the amount of sunlight each place on the planet gets every day changes slightly. This change causes the seasons.

A deciduous tree is a tree that loses its leaves every fall and grows new leaves each spring. Each year deciduous trees go through a process in which their green leaves become bright yellow, gold, orange and red for a few weeks before turning brown and falling to the ground.

Do you know what I am making? I am making a leaves bracelet for my mom.

Picking apples day!

Inside of pumpkin and a pumpkin seed !

When will be my turn to pick up the pumpkin seeds?

I want to pick up the pumpkin seeds, too!

We are learning the parts of a pumpkin. Here are leaf, vine, stem, fibrous strand, pulp, and seeds. Who can help me to match the name with the part of a pumpkin?

I can clean a pumpkin with a brush.

The first step of making pumpkin buns is smashing the cooked pumpkin.

Who is ready to knead the dough?

Pumpkin dough feels like my play dough!

Pumpkin bun tastes so yummy because I made it.

Wow! It is hot but so delicious!

I like to decorate the pumpkin in fall. Look, first I need to draw a pattern on my pumpkin then I will use the push pins to pin it.

I am very strong and I am going to hammered all the golf tees into the pumpkin.

I can hold the tee when you hammered it!

Counting pumpkins! one pumpkin, two pumpkins, three pumpkins.........

"Three pumpkins and four pumpkins, which has more pumpkins? " "Four pumpkins!"

How old are you! I am three years old!

What's mammal? To be a mammal, an animal must 1) have fur or hair, 2) drink their mom's milk when they are babies, 3) be warm-blooded, 4) have a backbone. Now let's learn some mammal animals.

Do you know what is the name for baby horse? It is foal!


Chinese Activities

We are learning fruits, “这是山竹/ this is mangosteen”.

I touched something smooth and long, would it be "香蕉/ banana"?

We are playing a game. Ready? Go! "香蕉蹲,香蕉蹲,香蕉蹲完芒果蹲/ banana squat, banana squat, banana squat then mango squat”.

I like fruits! I am making a fruit booklet.

你喜欢吃什么食物?/ What food do you like?

"我喜欢吃吃吃,玉米和橙汁/ I like to eat eat eat, corn and orange juice."

Fall is here, the weather is getting cool. Do you know about weather?

I like 下雨天/ rainy day, but i don't like 龙卷风/ tornado, so scary.

This is the sound - f: "f, f, f, 缝纫机- feng ren ji/ sewing machine, f,f,f, 飞机- fei ji/ airplane."

I can trace the sounds i've learned.

I'm learning all the Chinese consonants.



Do you know that The Double Ninth Festival is coming? It also known as Chongyang Festival/ 重阳节, which is held on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month.

On this special day, people will go mountain climbing, inserting Zhuyu/ 茱萸, enjoying the chrysanthemum tea/ 菊花茶, eating Chongyang cakes/ 重阳糕, and drinking chrysanthemum wine/ 菊花酒.

We are so excited that Chongyang Festival/ 重阳节 is here! let's wear zhuyu/茱萸 to avoid disaster.

All the friends, let's go mountain climbing. Watch out, we are going to climb up.