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Newsletter| December, 2018

Theme: Winter/ Christmas

December is the first month of the WINTER season. What is winter? What can we see in winter? What can we smell in winter? What can we hear in winter? What is Christmas? How do we help our community in this beautiful holiday season? And what is our address?


English Activities

What causes the seasons? It is caused by the movement of the Earth around the sun, the tilt of the Earth, and how high the sun will get in the sky.

1) Direct Sunlight (heat energy) - Covers a small surface area; heat is concentrated and warmer; sun is high in the sky; summer heat energy is direct. 2) Indirect Sunlight (heat energy) - Covers a large surface area; heat is spread out and colder; sun is low in the sky; winter heat energy is indirect.

The material of the winter clothes is thicker and warmer than summer clothes.

This is the way I dress myself for a hot summer!

I am ready to enjoy this cold winter!

What happened in Spot's first Christmas?

Christmas is coming and it's time to decorate the Christmas tree!

Christmas sensory bin. Is any treasure here?

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!" How many bells are here?

The little tiny bells are not easy to be picked up with tweezers.

Look! I can pick up the pompom with chopsticks.

"Snowman, snowman, little snowman." I want to make a snowman when snow comes.

What else does a snowman need?

Do you like my snowman? I love it very much.

I am going to make a tall Christmas tree!

My Christmas tree needs a red stocking.

Let me make a stocking play dough cookie!

I am going to make a Christmas story. I have finished a Christmas tree, stocking, gingerbread man, and now, I need to color my snow man.

Red, green, and white are the Christmas colors. Why don't I make a Christmas bracelet for myself.

I am sewing some pearls for my red stocking.

Christmas also needs a wreath!

This gift is for my best friend!

I need to put a bow on the gift.

Who do you want to give this present?


Chinese Activities

"这是谁?/ Who is this?"

"这是我的哥哥。/ This is my brother."

"我爱我的爸爸。/ I love my father."

"我爱我的妈妈。/ I love my mother."

"What's the sound for this week?"

"It's 'l' —— l l l,连体裤/ jumpsuits,l l l,辣椒/ pepper。"

It's the Show-N-Tell for "ü" .

"This is 雨伞/ umbrella, begins with ü ü ü."

We are learning a new poem “登鹳雀楼/ Climbing White Stork Tower, by Wang Zhihuan."

I am learning the Chinese stroke: "点/ dot,横/ horizontal, 竖/ vertical......"



Do you know what is an address? The address is a place where someone lives. Now, let's learn about the address.

We live on the earth and there are 7 continents on the earth. Which continents do we live? "North America!"

In North American, there are 23 countries. Which is our country? "United States!"

There are 50 states in the United States. Do you know what is the name of our state and where it is located on this map? "Washington State. Upper left corner!"

There are 71 cities in Washington state. Our school is in Bellevue and city of Bellevue belongs to King County.

This is the map of Bellevue. Do you see the high way 90 and 405?

In the city, there are many houses/buildings and streets/roads. Each house/building has its own number. Do you know our school's house number? It is 907.


Special Event

Christmas Gingerbread House Night

Ho! Ho! Ho! It's the time of the year! Let's get together and build the yummy gingerbread house!

Bellevue Fire Station Donation

In this holiday season, we want to share the love with our community by donating the new toys and food to the local fire station. Children are so happy to participate this meaningful activity.

Since we are going to the fire station, we decided to make some white chocolate chips cookies for our community helper-fire fighter. Wish they all have a sweet Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

I crack the egg carefully!

I am adding a tea spoon salt.

I am very strong so please let me help!

The last step of making cookie is adding white chocolate chips in the cookie. Please help so we can place them into the oven.

After we packed the cookies we need to write our names on the labels. My best wishes of this holiday will go with these cookies to the fire fighters.

After we delivered the donations to the fire station, the fire fighter gave us a wonderful tour of the fire station. We learned so much about the fire fighter's daily routine and all the equipment.

I want to give the fire fighter a high five!

Let's take picture with the fire fighters! Say cheese!


Character Development of Month


“Values are the things you believe in. They guide the way you think, you speak, you behave. They also help you to live your life in a meaningful way.”

What happens if you hold all of the bad feelings inside and stay sad or angry? Let's blow some air into a bag.This air likes anger or sadness that comes into us. But If we let it out each time we feel angry or sad, it’s not such a big deal.

We all do bad things. When we do something wrong it is called sin and when we sin we need to ask Jesus to forgive us. When we ask Jesus to forgive us He ALWAYS washes away our sin and makes our hearts clean. Just like the good father forgives the lost son and always loves him.

Hey dear friend, do you know that there was a baby named Jesus had been born for you? Dear Father, thank you for sending your very own son to be born for me and wash away my sin.

Let's sing a song "I forgive you" and keep peace and kindness inside our heart.

"对不起,我原谅你了/sorry, i forgive you;对不起,我原谅你了/sorry, i forgive you;对不起,我原谅你了/sorry, i forgive you;对不起 我们还是好朋友!/sorry, let's be friends again!”

Forgiveness helps us to be happy, it allows us to have something called PEACE.

"Sorry my dear friend, will you forgive me?"

"Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you."

——Ephesians 4:32


The End

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