Newsletter| December, 2018

Theme: Winter/ Christmas

December is the first month of the WINTER season. What is winter? What can we see in winter? What can we smell in winter? What can we hear in winter? What is Christmas? How do we help our community in this beautiful holiday season? And what is our address?


English Activities

What causes the seasons? It is caused by the movement of the Earth around the sun, the tilt of the Earth, and how high the sun will get in the sky.

1) Direct Sunlight (heat energy) - Covers a small surface area; heat is concentrated and warmer; sun is high in the sky; summer heat energy is direct. 2) Indirect Sunlight (heat energy) - Covers a large surface area; heat is spread out and colder; sun is low in the sky; winter heat energy is indirect.

The material of the winter clothes is thicker and warmer than summer clothes.

This is the way I dress myself for a hot summer!

I am ready to enjoy this cold winter!

What happened in Spot's first Christmas?

Christmas is coming and it's time to decorate the Christmas tree!

Christmas sensory bin. Is any treasure here?

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way!" How many bells are here?

The little tiny bells are not easy to be picked up with tweezers.

Look! I can pick up the pompom with chopsticks.

"Snowman, snowman, little snowman." I want to make a snowman when snow comes.

What else does a snowman need?

Do you like my snowman? I love it very much.

I am going to make a tall Christmas tree!

My Christmas tree needs a red stocking.

Let me make a stocking play dough cookie!

I am going to make a Christmas story. I have finished a Christmas tree, stocking, gingerbread man, and now, I need to color my snow man.

Red, green, and white are the Christmas colors. Why don't I make a Christmas bracelet for myself.

I am sewing some pearls for my red stocking.