Newsletter| January, 2019

Theme: Winter activities and Orca Whale

Well, it is hard to believe that 2019 is already upon us. December was filled with lots of holiday fun and joys. This month, we will continue our WINTER theme and we also are going to learn about ORCA WHALE.


English Activities

There are 4 seasons and 12 months in one year. What months are in winter? What do animals do in the winter season and why?

What is snow? Snow is really ice shaped into tiny crystals. Most of the time the snowflake is made up of many of these tiny ice crystals stuck together. Like raindrops, snowflakes begin as water vapor in a cloud. When a cloud is very cold this water vapor changes into ice crystals.

What makes ice melt faster? salt or sugar?

I am going to design my paper mitten by drawing lots of different lines on it.

Whales are very large and very, very cool marine mammals found across all the world’s oceans. There are two broad types of whales: baleen whales and toothed whales.

Blue whale is the world's largest animal. It is as long as three school buses in a row!

Singing time! Slippery fish slippery fish, swimming in the water......

Despite orcas are called killer whales, they actually belong to the dolphin family Delphinidae. They’re the only species in their genus, but their closest relatives are dolphin species from around Australia and South East Asia like the Irrawaddy dolphin.

So orcas are dolphins not whales.

There are 50 states in our country. Do you know their names and where are they located?

Sound of week time! Do you know any word begin with the sound "d"?

Shown-N-Tell time! "U" is for "underwear".


Chinese Activities

What's the new sentence we are going to learn?

"这是我的——爸爸| 妈妈| 哥哥| 姐姐......" / " This is my —— father/ mother/ brother/ sister......"

"你几岁了?/ How old are you?"

"我四岁了!/ I am 4 years old."

We are learning a poem of Winter—— “两个黄鹂鸣翠柳,一行白鹭上青天。窗含西岭千秋雪,门泊东吴万里船。”

These are all the Chinese consonants. We learn each sound with a little rhyme—— "爱听广播b b b,脸盆泼水p p p,两个门洞m m m......"

Do you remember the consonants we have learned?

Learning Chinese Pinyin seems like singing in different tones—— “ā ā ā,鸡和鸭;á á á,狼和羊;ǎ ǎ ǎ,狗和马;à à à,兔和象。”