Newsletter| March, 2019

Theme: Spring-Plants/China

Spring is a season full of life. The grass is coming out, the seed is sprouting, the birds are flying, the sun is shining on the earth, it’s a very exciting and comfortable season. This month, we bring our children into the PLANT'S LIFE and continue travel in CHINA.


English Activities

It's morning exercise time! "Lift up your leg, tap the floor, raise your arms and wave to everybody." Exercise can help us to grow and be happy.

"Four little monkeys swinging in the tree teasing Mr. Alligator can’t catch me….can’t catch me along came Mr. Alligator quiet as can be and snapped that monkey out that tree....."

Now, how many monkey left ?

Let's go outside and find Spring? What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? and What do you feel?

It's time to learn the parts of a bean. I want to color testa in brown, embryo in green, radicle in orange, and cotyledon in yellow.

How can we plant this big avocado seed? I am going to plant it in the water.

I am making a plant book. First, I need to draw a bean. Second, I give it some roots. Third, I will draw a tall stem, and add two leaves. Last, I need to put a big flower on the top of stem.

What are the stages of plant growth?

How does a plant to get water? We can find out the answer by this experiment. First put the white flower into a jar which is filled with blue color water. Then, let's wait and see what will happen next?

The white flower petals are changed to light blue color. Oh! The stem is like a straw. It sucks the water from the ground and supplies it to the entire plant.

How about regrows some vegetables without using seeds.

Let's check our indoor vegetable garden. Look at the Garlic! It begins to grow green shoots. Wow! The Daikon radish also grows lots of green leaves and the Onion grows more roots. How about Avocado seed?

Do you want to learn how to grow mung bean at home?

First, soak the mung beans in the water over night. Second, drain water. Third, give the beans a bath. Forth, drain water again and set it on table.

Repeat these steps, 3 days later, all the beans are sprouting!

"Teacher,can this Mushroom kit really grow out any mushroom? Let;s read the instructions and begin to be a mushroom farmer.

'Wow! mushroom is growing taller and taller. Now, we can harvest it."

Can you fish the upper case L ? Can you fish the lower case l?

Ladybug finger painting for letter L.

Show and Tell time.

Where did Leprechaun hide the big pot of gold? Did he hide it at the end of the rainbow? How many color does rainbow have?