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Newsletter| October, 2019

Theme: Human body


Happy October everyone! We are getting into our routine of school with your children and hope that they are enjoying school as much as we are enjoying having them here!


English Activities

Singing time! 5 speckle frogs! How many more frogs are here after one jumped into the pool?

5 little monkeys swing on the tree, teasing Mr. Alligator can’t catch me.... How many monkey left after Mr. Alligator caught 4 monkeys?

When animals wake up after nap, they always say good day!

Story Time! The mixed up chameleon. What color chameleon is in the red flower?

Can you help me to label the forehead on the picture?

Let's sing the "head, shoulder, knees, and toes" to refresh the lesson we learn about human body.

Where can you place nose on the face?

Do you know who he is? We are going to use our ex-president Obama's face to be our work.

Let's label the name of parts on our friend.

This is one of the attraction place in Greek City, Europe.

Peace lesson: what is the peace table for?

Can you draw an object from the magic box to match its initial sound card?

Hide and seek! I found out 4 letter cards

This is the sound "m" in "ham".

Let's spell s-u-n-g-l-a-s-s-e-s, sunglasses.

I finished my pre-spelling work.

I love cooking class, and I am going to make one jelly sandwich for myself.

It is so delicious! I will teach my mom to make one at home.



It's Fall! Fall is a time to cherish the earth’s last beautiful display for the year.

——Henry David Thoreau

Let me check the pattern of each pumpkin with the magnifying glass.

I can hammer the golf tee into this giant pumpkin.

I am harvesting the apples.

Spooning the pumpkins work is not easy.

Sorting variety nuts work is awesome.

The worm is eating the apple!

My tree has one long branch, one short branch and few leaves.

Do you like the autumn leaf I traced?

I'm matching the number of pumpkin seeds with the number symbol.

How many pumpkins for this number?

These are the pumpkins we got from the farm.

Look, I can lift this big heavy pumpkin.

Let's wash and brush all the pumpkins.

Set my pumpkin to be dried.

It's time to paint the pumpkin with our favorite colors.

I like to sprinkle some shinning sparkly on the pumpkin.

We are going to bake the pumpkin.

What is the smell like inside the pumpkin?

I can scoop out the pumpkin seeds.

Let me brush some oil on it.

It is done.

I love the spaghetti squash.

What else we can do with the pumpkins?

Can you help to cut the top of this big orange pumpkin?

Let's lift the top of pumpkin up and see what's inside of it.

After we scoop all the insides of the pumpkin, let's design and trace some patterns on it!

It is my turn to carve the pumpkin.

What a great teamwork we've done!


Chinese Activities

Do you remember what this sound is?

It's f f f, 一根拐杖 f f f.

These three sounds look so similar, but I can recognize them and match the picture cards to the sound.

两个门洞m m m, which picture starts with the sound "m".

I‘’m writing all the single vowels and consonants.

This is the way we spell, p-0—po,泼水,婆婆,破洞......

What is this word? zh-a—榨,榨汁机.

We are reviewing the strokes we've learned.

Let's trace the strokes following the direction.

We have a new work— Coffee Tray. Can you write the character "山"?

Let's do a Tossing Game.

Can you toss the beanbag to the character "山"?

Fishing Game.

I caught a character. It's "的"!

Pinyin can help me to learn more characters.


Where is the apple?

It's on the table/它在桌子

Can you put the apple under the table/你可以把苹果放在桌子吗?

Dotting the character is fun too.

It's my painting with a little poem— 山,高高的山;人,高高的人

Let's take the characters to travel!

Please take "大" to a pumpkin field trip.

I'm taking "个" to a big dinner!

Do you know that there're five big pumpkins like to climb up on the high high mountain?

Ms. Dawn has a big maraca. Can you pass to your friend next to you and see which character it will stop by when we sing?


So excited that it's Double Ninth Festival—重阳节!Let's climb up on the mountain to enjoy the flourishing chrysanthemum. We wear Zhuyu (茱萸) as well to avoid evilness.

The Double Ninth Festival is also a time for family get-together. But there was a traveling young man in a strange place missed his hometown very much.


Special Events

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

A Pumpkin Patch Field trip is the perfect way to learn about Pumpkins and Animals in the farm!

It was so great to have our graduated friends back with us too. What a great reunion!

Fashion Show Day

It's another Fashion Show Day! I'm so excited to show everyone my great design.

Do you like me?

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to our dear friend, Megan Yik!


Child &Faith

God's creation lesson 1

God said, Let there be light; and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and God separated the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness He called Night, first day.

Do you like to live in the lightness or darkness?

Can you reach the flower if there is no light?

God's creation lesson 2

God made the expanse and called it Heaven. He separated the waters which were under it from the waters which were above it, a second day. God also gives us the air to live. Air is invisible and no smell. How do we know it is existed? Let me prove it to you!

You can fell the air by blowing the plastic bag.

You also can prove the air is existed by blowing the pieces of paper.

I can blow off the candle by blowing "the air" to it.

The Found Sheep

Do you remember the Good Shepherd?

This is the kind of care that God has for mankind. He knows each of us by name. He does not want even one of us to go astray. Mankind had gone astray and God sent his son, Jesus, to find us.

"I will seek the lost, and I will bring back the strayed, and I will bind up the injured, and I will strengthen the weak, and the fat and the strong I will destroy. I will feed them in justice."

——Ezekiel 34:16 ESV


The End

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