Newsletter| December, 2019

Theme: Christmas

Inside of Human Body/ Antarctica

We are excited for the Holiday season! The air is full of the smell of cinnamon, peppermint, and pine tree. This month we learned about Human Body, Antarctica, Real/Not Real, Charity, and Christmas. Reading curriculum is continue reading the books by the author Laura Numeroff.


English Activities

Do you know we have 206 bones in body together make up the skeleton, which supports our bodies.

“Joint” is the name given to a part of the body where two bones meet, such as your elbows or your knees, Most of your joints can move.

There are seven continents in the World. Antarctica is farther south than any other continent, and it is very cold there.

In Antarctica, the snow builds up into layers of ice. The ice covers nearly all of the land. This is known as the Antarctic ice sheet, and it is very thick.

We had have learned many sound of letters, and now we can try to blend the sounds together.

It is the time to decorate the Christmas tree.

Holiday sensory bin!

Holiday fine motor work!

Holiday spooning work!

Winter snowflake transferring work!

Big pompom transferring work!

Look the snow man I assembled.

Gingerbread man poking work!

I am going to give my gingerbread man some special designs.

Holiday number matching work!

Holiday math dice work!

I made this beads cane for my favorite person in this Holiday!

Holiday can use a wreath ornament.

Sewing a stocking for containing my holiday gifts.

I have to put my name on my stocking!

Folding a paper box to contain the gifts I am going to make for my friends and family.


Chinese Activities

I can sound all the consonants and sing the consonant song.

"ü" is a very special vowel, it can only be spelled with some consonants. Let's check it out.

Can you repeat after me? "k, k, 美丽蝌蚪k k k."

I matched all the sounds with a little help from teacher.

I start to read the characters with the initial sound.

I like to spell with the single vowels in the four tones. "l-ǎ- 喇,喇叭!"

I'm checking if all the spelling I did is correct.

Let me write down all the words I spelled.

Do you remember these characters we learned before?

Can you pick two characters to make a word?

The word I made is "家人/ family."

Who knows what this flower is? It's plum blossom. Plum blossoms often bloom most vibrantly even amidst the harsh winter snow. It is symbol for resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Here's a poem of Plum blossoms by Wang Anshi/王安石.