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Science at Home

Dear friends, welcome back!

Last week we had fun science at home.

Did you find anything fun, crazy in the science?

We can not wait to see our friends' fun experience at home!


Andrew at Home

Hi, I'm your friend Andrew. You know what? I can let the egg floating in the water.

Would you like to see Lava in a cup with me?

Last week, I helped my family making yummy dumplings too.

Can you believe that I made a Tru Tru Train with vegetables? It was yum yum!


Alexa at Home

This is Alexa, I enjoyed so much fun working with my brother.

Guess what we are doing? we are making the WATER WALK!

Look at the beautiful color we made!

What did you see in the cup?

It's Lava!

Our egg is floating!


Daniel at Home

Welcome to Daniel's house.

Let's see what is Daniel working on the science?

Come and see this cool Experiment friends.

The volcano is erupting!


Emma at Home

This week, Emma is showing us the mystery about COLOR......


Justin at Home

Let's see what is Justin busy working at home?

He is working on the gardening!

Look, Justin and his sister helped to carry the soil. That seems very heavy.

What did they work on next? Why did they put a layer first before dump the soil?

Now they were spreading the soil with a heavy rake.

What seeds you are planting Justin?

Oh, you were planting sunflower and watermelon. We can not wait for your big harvest!


Theme Activity at Home this week


We all had fun in SCIENCE last week.

This week we are going to enjoy ART creations.

What do you bring us this week our dearest Ms. Sandy?

Now, dear friends, it's your turn to explore and enjoy!


The End

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