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Newsletter| January

Theme: Winter and Antarctic

We continued Winter theme and have enjoyed an amazing Antarctica unit in January! We made crystal snowflake, learned what animal hibernated in the winter, where Antarctica located, what animal lived in Antarctica. We also learned the life cycle , food chain and habitat of penguins!


What is hibernate

During the winter season, there is often a lack of food and water when temperatures are very cold. For survival, some animals sleep through the cold winter. Their body temperature drops drastically and their breathing slows. We learned the animals that hibernate are bear, bats, chipmunks, squirrels, snakes and some turtles…


There are 17 species of penguins are found exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere. Although penguins are birds, they do not fly in the sky. In Antarctic, Penguins spend most of their time underwater looking for dinner as fish, squid, krill, and squids. Their predator are leopard seals, sea lions and Orcas.

Emperor Penguins are the tallest species, standing nearly 4 feet tall. The smallest is the Little Blue Penguin, which is only about 16 inches. The fastest species is the Gentoo Penguin, which can reach swimming speeds up to 22 mph.

Winter fun activities

We love snow and love to build the snowman." I'm a little snowman short and round, here are my buttons and here is my hat..."

It's the time to put our mittens on! Let's sorting them and pick my favorite one. Thumbs match thumbs, fingers are all together. When I've got my mittens on, warm and cozy I will be!

Winter Vacation "Show and Tell"

We had a wonderful winter vacation with our family and couldn't wait to share with our friends all the fun I had in the vacation!


STEM-- Water

We learned what is ice and used them to paint!

I am an ice maker! Let me make a yummy popsicle for my friends and teachers.

We observed that ice float on the water and the water level rises up when the ice melted.

We were so excited to experience the cold Antarctica by creating an icy habitat for the animals to live.

Wow! We are making crystal snowflake. We learned each snowflake is

unique and each snowflake has six sides because the molecules that make them up are hexagon-shaped.


Chinese Activities

We were learning the Chinese vowels with a lovely song” u u u, 乌鸦黑乎乎。

We have learned lots of the Chinese consonants. Now we can tell each sound by singing the song “ 爱听广播,b b b;脸盆泼水,p p p;两个门洞,m m m……”

We were proud to share our Family Time Line with my friends and teachers:” 这是我的爸爸| 妈妈| 哥哥| 姐姐| 弟弟| 妹妹,我的爸爸| 妈妈| 哥哥| 姐姐| 弟弟| 妹妹1岁了!”

“The child seeks for independence by means of work; an independence of body and mind.”

—— Maria Montessori (The Absorbent Mind, Chapter 8, p. 91)


The End

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