Newsletter| November, 2019

Theme: Thanksgiving

Inside of Human Body/ Election

"November’s sky is chill and drear, November’s leaf is red and sear, November's air is full of loves and thanks. "

This month, we learned what is ELECTION; inside of the human body; and the first Thanksgiving.


English Activities

These are the organs of the inside human body.

How does the digest system of human body work? First, we need to eat!

Our stomach just likes a blender. You need to chew on the food when you are eating, otherwise, your stomach may need to work very hard.

What is the smell when the food is inside your stomach with gastric acid (we used lime juice.) ?

This is the food plate. To maintain a healthy body, we need to learn how to eat healthy.

Do you know which food group does the milk belong to?

Food pyramid is the old nutrient resource and let us to find out why we don't use this now.

Do you know what is election? What is vote?

You can only use your ballot to vote one candidate to be the helper of classroom.

Congratulations! Finally, we elected 3 students to be our classroom helpers.

It is our apple science experiment time!

Please put the apple slices into the different liquids.

Day 1, all the apple slice looks fresh.

Day 3, I found out the apple slice in the lime juice still looks fresh.

Why does the leaf changes color in autumn?

Let's blend the leaves with alcohol.

Then insert the coffee filter into each cup.

Can you give me a word begins with the sound "b" as in "bus"?