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Special thanks to Leader Joy USA

We must say thanks to our best friend Leader Joy USA for the success of the opening of Shamrock Montessori. Back in the early 2017 when starting our school was just a small seed of dream, our good friend Maureen, owner of this Montessori materials manufacturer gave us a lot of encouragement and support spiritually and financially. We want to express our gratitude to God who brought us together and to Leader Joy for the support. We value this friendship and may God bless them in all their ways.

Leader Joy USA is based in Kent, WA. Their specialty is in Montessori materials and furniture. The quality of the products are high and cost effective at the same time. The racks are firm and smooth like glass. When our friends visited us, they were amazed by the look and feel of those racks. In order to help the preschool students develop dynamically, reorganizing the racks and materials is necessary and encouraged in the Montessori school settings. Leader Joy customized all of the racks to install wheels with breaks to make moving the racks so much easier.

You'll see abundant of Montessori materials on the website. Leader Joy builds the materials in compliance to the major Montessori organizations such as AMS (American Montessori Society) and MIA (Montessori Institute of America). Besides the traditional materials used during the teacher training, Leader Joy is creating a lot of new materials. Some of them are original creations, and some are from the customer requirements. Shamrock Montessori is one of the sources of new materials as well. We keep creating new materials for our little preschool students to work with and some of them are better manufactured from our professional manufacturer friend.

We are writing this article to say special thanks to our friend and hope to share this great resource with the readers. We are not helping them to advertise. But if you find help from Leader Joy USA, we'll be so happy we've done so.

God bless.

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