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Newsletter | March

Theme: Earth and Asia

We began to explore the EARTH in March! We learned what the earth looks like, and why we have day and night. We continue ASIA as our theme in this month as well to learn about the types of languages, foods and animals. Besides, we read a lot of books of Dr. Seuss.


Our Earth

Do you know that It takes 365 ¼ days for the Earth to orbit the sun and the Earth is also spinning as it moves along that path? It takes Earth 24 hours to make one spin. Different parts of the planet face the sun as the Earth spins. The parts of the Earth facing the sun is day and the parts of Earth away from the sun is night.

The earth that we live on is a very special planet. It has water, air, and sunlight—— everything creatures need to live.

The earth is made up of different layers and an atmosphere surrounds it. The earth’s super hot inner core is at its center. It can get hotter than the surface of the sun! Beyond that is the outer core. And then there is the mantle. The earth’s crust is a thin outer layer that sits on top of the mantle.

Let’s make the layers of earth with playdough to help us understand it better!

We reviewed the layers of the earth with our big felt work—— inner core, outer core, mantle and crust! The crust consists of rocks, minerals, soil and landforms such as mountains. It is also covered with water, in the forms of oceans, lakes and rivers. The earth has many different kinds of life too. There are plants, insects, farm animals, wild animals, ocean animals, birds in the sky and human being!

Let’s sort the transportations as well! Ships travel on the water, cars run on the land, and airplanes fly in the sky!

Earth is the only known planet to have oceans of water. It’s sometimes called the blue planet. Let’s paint our blue earth with balloon!

We’ve learned our earth is made of land and water. Let’s make different landforms with rocks. We all enjoyed sorting the land life and water life!



We continued the theme of Asia in March. We talked about the animals of Asia—— tiger, panda, elephant, orangutan, rhinoceros and so on.

We were pretending the tigers:" Rrrrr......"

Children loved to sing the song “I love you” and to say the numbers 0-9 in the different Asian languages.


Dr. Seuss

It was Dr. Seuss’ birthday in March and we never felt tired to read these picture books. They are also perfect training in verbal competence through their tongue-twisting rhymes an animals.



Water Density

We experienced the density of water, alcohol, and oil. We were very excited to see these three different liquids leveled in a clear glass jar!

Acids and Bases

Have you ever wondered what gives the beverages like lemon juice and orange juice their tangy taste? These liquids taste sour because they contain acids. Then what is Bases? Substances like baking soda which have a bitter taste and have a soap-like texture, are known as bases.

Ms. Jasmine showed us how to test the substances whether they are acids or bases with the pH test strips and pH scale.



We celebrated Easter to worship our eternally perfect God who separated Himself from every deity by choosing to give up His own rights and life to restore and save the rights and lives of His creation.

Children dyed the white hard-boiled egg in different color and ready for egg hunt!

Let's start the egg hunting! look! I found so many eggs!


Child and Faith


We are thankful that God only created us in His own image. He created everything of the world for us before He created us because He wants us to enjoy Him.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11


The End

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