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Newsletter| September, 2018

Theme: My School

Welcome to all our new families, and welcome back returning families! We so excited to start the new school year with your little ones. We look forward to a fun filled year of exploring, discovering and learning. This month we were focusing on helping students to know friends, teachers, and school.


English Activities

Look at me! This is my picture of the first day of school!

I am learning how to take care of myself!

It’s work time! What do I like to do? How to roll the floor mat? Should I use this work on the table or floor? I love puzzle! I am good at drawing. Oh! No! I make messy! I need help!

Here is the circle time! Singing and movement are my favorite. Learning the calendar is new to me. Show and Tell is fun.

What’s your name? My name is Ms. Jasmine. What’s the name for this picture? What is the initial sound for house? What is the initial sound for apple? What are the moon phases? Where does United States locate in the world map?

It’s Ms. Jasmine’s birthday! I love donut and ice cream. Happy birthday!

It’s time to clean and ready for recess time!

“Ring around the Rosie. A pocket full of posies. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.”

“Do you want to eat a hot dog?”


Chinese Activities

We are back to school! let's have a tour in the classroom with our new friends. Here is the "work mat/工作毯",here is the "snack table/点心桌", here is the "library/ 阅读角", here is the "trash can/垃圾桶"...

I am learning how to introduce myself, "我是××,很高兴见到大家/Hi, i'm ××, nice to see you!"

I like to sing my name every day, "我叫××,我叫××,我叫××,你好你好你好!/My name is××, my name is××, my name is××, hello hello hello."

let's check what do we need to bring to school everyday? This is "我的午餐盒 my lunch bag/书包backpack/鞋子shoes/ 被子sleeping bag/水壶water bottle/夹克jacket."

Let' s play a game-- "这是谁的/whose is this?"

Can you sing "谁的夹克?我的夹克。谁的鞋子?我的鞋子。谁的书包,我的书包。请你保管好!/ Whose jacket? my jacket. whose shoes? my shoes. whose backpack? my backpack. "

We are learning pinyin. Can you sound "a" and name the objects?

Mid- Autumn Festival is here! We are making a greeting card and wish you a Happy Mid-autumn Festival Day!

Guess! What I am making? it's Lantern! I can not wait to use my lantern and enjoy the full moon night with my family.

We learned a beautiful poem of moon- 静夜思 Jìng yè sī.

It's the Moon Festival (Mid- Autumn Festival)! Ms. Dawn told us a Chinese Tale-- 嫦娥奔月Cháng'é bēn yuè. and we celebrated it with tea and moon cakes. I love the moon cakes!



Where do we live? We live in Bellevue. Where is Bellevue? Bellevue is located in Washington state of United States. Where is the United States? It is located in North America.

This is the flag of united states. The fifty stars represent the fifty states, and the stripes represent the original thirteen colonies.

Moon phases. Can you see the new moon?


Nature Table

The senses, being the explorers of the world, open the way to knowledge. ~ Maria Montessori

What can you see in this giant sunflower? Thick steam! Yellow petals! big leaves!

It's a spider! The spider is moving! No! It is not! Yes, it is!


Character Development of Month


“Values are the things you believe in. They guide the way you think, you speak, you behave. They also help you to live your life in a meaningful way.”

The value word we learned this month is RESPECT!

What is respect? Respect is treating others the way you would like to be treated. Teacher, how we can show respect?

Respect is all around. Do you see?

I am taking care of our plant. This is respect.

We walk around the work mat. We respect our friend's work.

We read quietly at the reading time.

We pay attention to teacher when she is reading a book. This is respect.

"Don't worry my friend! Your mom will be here soon and I will be here with you!" Being kind is respect.

We love to be friends with each other.

Helping each other makes us to grow.

"Are you ok? Do you need help? " Showing care is respect.

I love to play with my friends in the recess time.

“The child is endowed with unknown powers, which can guide us to a radiant future. If what we really want is a new world, then education must take as its aim the development of these hidden possibilities.”

-- Maria Montessori (The Absorbent Mind)


The End