Newsletter| February, 2019

Theme: Winter- Snow, China

The world suddenly was putted on a beautiful white gown, which is shinny and bright. Many tiny snowflakes softly and quietly fall from the sky. Children were so excited to see, touch, smell and catch it. What happen to plants in winter?

Can all the plants survive through winter?


English Activities

Do you know what is Valentine's Day? How do people celebrate Valentine's Day?

I know how to sing the HEART song. "I made a valentine for you and heart shape says I love you, H, E, A, R, T, H, E, A, R, T, H, E, A, R, T, and heart shape says I love you..."

I am making a Valentine's card for my best friend.

I am threading beads and making a valentine bracelet for myself.

Styrofoam plate heart sewing could be a good gift for my mom.

It's time to exchange the Valentine's Day cards and gifts with my friends! Ya!

It's the "Show and Tell" time. What is your Show and Tell ? Can I touch the toy fish you are showing to me?

I can cut the paper letter f and use it to make a" f f flower".

I love finger painting and I am going to paint more "flowers" on my tree.


Chinese Activities

Can you pronounce with the tip of the tongue curled up toward the hard palate? ——"zh- ch- sh."

These are the Retroflex Consonants/翘舌音.

What's the beginning sound of 圣诞树sheng dan shu/ Christmas tree?

“I know, it begins with sh!”

Can you help me to find the beginning sound of 手电筒 shou dian tong/flashlight?

"Yes I can!" It is "sh".

It's the Show-N-Tell day for zh, ch, sh. I brought a 梳子 shu zi/ comb, Can you guess what's the beginning sound of it?

Let's try to spell " sh-u- shu, 树tree, zh-u-zhu, 猪pig......"

Do you like to review all the consonant sounds with me?