Newsletter| April, 2019

Theme: Spring/bird/China

"Spring is here, Spring is here, what do you think I know? I look around to see the sign of Spring, that is how I know."

This month, all the seeds we planted are sprouting and growing. Birds and squirrels come to the bird's feeders for food. Flowers are blossoming everywhere. April is a month fulled of life.


English Activities

Do you know what is oviparous? What is viviparous?

Is bird oviparous or viviparous? How about snake?

Do you know the bird is oviparous? It comes from an egg. Are we from an egg? Let's read some books of bird and learn its life cycle, parts, and name.

There are so many different types of birds in the world!

Do you know who lays this blue egg? Blue jay? Crow? or Robin?

Why mama bird is sitting in the nest?

To plant a seed, we need to have some soil.

Plant needs some water to grow! I have to water my plants everyday so they can grow very health.

It is time to move my plants to a bigger home.

My plants must be thirsty. Let me give you some fresh water!

I can't wait for my plants to grow big in summer!

Sound of week! Can you give me a word begins with the sound "g"? Do you know what is the beginning sound in "jar"? Does "van" begin with the sound "v" or "f"?

Can you find the match alphabetic?

Can we blend these sounds together? Do you know what is this word?

"C" is for cake!

Singing time! "One, two, three, four, five Once I caught a fish alive, Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Then I let it go again...."


Chinese Activities

Let's learned about clock.

"9点钟我上学校/9 o'clock i go to school."

Do you want to be the Wolf and tell me the time?

"老狼老狼几点钟?/Wolf wolf what time is it?

"那是什么?/ What is that?"

"那是火车/That is train."

Do you know the sound of train/火车? How about motorcycle/摩托车?

“我坐火车上学校,喀嚓喀嚓喀嚓/I take train to school, choo-chug-chuff.”

“我坐巴士上学校,哔哔哔/I take bus to school, beep beep beep.”

We start to learn compound vowels/复韵母 from this month.

“比比高矮,ai ai ai.” Let's see what do we have in the sound bucket for "ai".

"This is 黑色(hēi sè)/black, which compound vowels/复韵母 do you hear? ei or ai"

"Do you remember all of these sounds? what's the initial sound for 笔bǐ/pen?"

I can spell the words all by myself now.

I know all the consonants.

I' m learning Chinese strokes.

Do you know that Chinese character base on stroke segment and order? There're a lot of fun to learn.

We learned a new poem—— THE WILLOW from He Zhizhang.

"Do you want some juice?"

"Yes, please."

"Thank you for coming to my Tea Party."

"Thank you for inviting me."


Special Event

Do you know what is Easter Sunday? The meaning of Easter is Jesus Christ's victory over death. Later people used egg as an Easter symbol of the resurrection of Jesus, so began the egg hunt activity.