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Newsletter| May, 2019

Theme: Spring/Bee/China

Spring is here, flowers are blooming and bees are very busy flying here and there. Do you know who is the major pollinators of most crops? It is BEE! Let’s get into the bees’ world.


English Activities

Good morning everyone, I am teacher Miya. Please look at the calendar and tell me what's the day comes after Wednesday?

This is an enlarged bee picture.

Today, we are going to learn the parts of a bee—— antenna, thorax, abdomen, stinger, wing, proboscis, hind leg, mouth, eye, and head.

This is the life cycle of a bee. Queen bee lays egg. After 3 days, egg hatches , larva comes out, then larva changes into a pupa. Over time, the pupa becomes an adult bee.

Do you know a honeybee queen can lay 2,000 eggs each day!

There are 3 types of honeybees live in a colony. They are the queen bee, the workers, and the drones. Most of the time, there is only one queen bee in a colony. All the worker bees are female, and drones are male.

Ok! Let's turned into a worker bee and ready to collect pollen and nectar.

We are using our proboscis to suck sweet liquid nectar from flowers.

How many pollen ball you want the worker bee to collect?

Daniel worker bee, please flies to flower number 8. Paul worker bee, please flies to flower number 5.

Can you tell me the missing number? What is the number comes after 3?

Before and after game. Do you know who is standing before you? Do you know who is standing after you?

How many bees in this beehive? Can you match the number of quantity with the number rod? Can you match the number of quantity with the coloring pencils?

Let's grading the size of bees.

Which one is Odd number? Which is one Even number?

Can you use your fingers to gentle stroke the strips of the bee and tell me how many of strips does the bee have?

Matching the name of bee's parts.

Bee's life cycle.

I am a worker bee and I am using proboscis (baster) to suck the nectar.

I am using a tong to bring the bee home.

I need to put 4 pollen balls into the tray.

How can I stop bees to drop down?

I want to cut some paper grasses for my bee.

I am cutting some paper bees.

Let's make a beehive with yarns and liquid glue. Wow! The liquid glue is wet and sticky.

Look! My beehive is ready!

It's time to glue some bees on the beehive. One, two, three......

What objects are in the "y" sound box?

Show-N-Tell——"y", "y", "y" yarn.

"Jam", "Ham", "Sam", "Pam".

We can spell the sentences with the movable alphabets.

Do you see the two little bugs are running away from the small spider?

My plants are growing, I'm taking care of them everyday.


Chinese Activities

This is my house, would you like to come and visit?

Here is 客厅/living room, here is 厨房/kitchen, there is 饭厅/dining room. My bedroom/卧室 is upstairs, also my bathroom/卫生间.

Can you help to find my pet? Is it in the living room/客厅? Kitchen/厨房? Dining room/饭厅? Bedroom/卧室? Or bathroom/卫生间?

这是谁的家/Whose home is this?

小鸟你住在哪里/Birdie, where do you live?

小狗你住在哪里/ Puppy, where do you live?

小蜜蜂你住在哪里/Little bee, where do you live?

I'm an old mother, my loving son is living soon. I'm worrying he'd be away for too long. How much I will miss him. I have to make clothes for my wandering child.

This is a poem of the wanderer/游子吟 by Meng Jiao.

A mother's love is endless and unselfish and enduring. She gave us the roots to start our life, and then gave us wings to fly.

Let's learn a new sound "er" —— 耳朵耳朵,er er er.

Can you think one word that has compound vowels "un" and draw it down?


I bring 球qiú/ball for compound vowels "iu iu iu".

I'm working better and better on the sounds now. I found "l" for 老虎lǎohǔ/tiger.

I match all the sounds to the pictures and start to work on tracing.



What shape is China on the map puzzle?

These countries are China's neighbors. I wish I can visit them one day.

China is a vast country, located in the western part is Tibetan Plateau, which forms the highest part of the country. The Himalayan mountain range has a number of peaks over 23,000 feet, with the tallest in the world,

I'm sewing the shape of Asia, where China locates in.

Let's learn the culture of China. At the beginning, there is no any writing, people have to do some small drawing to record their daily life, such as 日 rì for "sun", 月 yuè for "moon", and 木 mù for "tree" or "wood", these are Pictograms/象形字.

Do you like Chinese painting? The materials used in Chinese painting are brush, ink, rice paper or silk,

How about let's do blow painting with straw instead of brush. Do you like my painting?


Special Event

Mother's Day

Do you want to experience how hard to walk when you were in mommy's tummy?

Mother's Day is coming soon, I am putting on the base coat on my flower pot so I can decorate it with my mom in the party day.

I paint the canvas with my favorite color for my mom.

I want to send many kisses to my mom because I love her so much.

In Mother's Day, I invite my mom to school for tea party.

Thank you mom for taking good care of me every day. It's my pleasure to serve you some tea today.

It is so fun to paint the flower pot with my mom.

What color should I use first?

I can do the last touch.

Voila! My flower pot turns out so beautiful.

Now the flower pot I painted with my mom is ready for planting.

I picked a beautiful flower for my mom, she will like it very much.

Everything is done! Dear mom, are you ready for a big surprise?

Annual School Picnic Day

It's time for our annual school picnic. Thank you to all our parents’ enthusiastic participation. All of you are the 5 stars chefs!

The best time of life is been with my lovely families and friends.


We are families in Shamrock Montessori!


Character Development of Month


“Values are the things you believe in. They guide the way you think, you speak, you behave. They also help you to live your life in a meaningful way.”

The big word we are going to share this month is "Responsibility".

What is responsibility? Being responsible means doing the things you are supposed to do.

There are lots of ways to show we are responsible.

The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, 'The children are now working as if I did not exist.'

——Maria Montessori


The End

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