Newsletter| June, 2019

Theme: Construction/Shapes/China

It's summer time and almost the end of the school year, let's start with our CONSTRUCTION THEME and enjoy building and working with noisy trucks.


Theme Activities

Here is a busy working construction site. Do you see the safety cones and safety signs along the street? Drive carefully on the road!

Oh, here comes a ladder truck. Where do you think it may go?

These construction vehicles have different functions: the excavator can dig, the cement truck has a drum that can spin, the dump truck has a raised bed that can move up and down, the crane can turn 360 degrees to lift objects to reach their destination......

Can construction be done without road safety signs? They are also important because they help people follow the rules of the road to keep drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians safe.

What construction traffic sign do you know?

Oh, it's "Road closed".

I'm busy working at the construction zone.

I'm building a city with Legos and dice. Look how many floors I built.

I'm building letters with rocks.

Did you know, building with Popsicle sticks, wooden clips and cubes is a fun work too.

We are all little builders. What do you like to build?

I built a small table, I can invite my friends over for a tea party after I'm done.

And for the finishing touches, i would like to paint it with some beautiful colors.

What shapes can we build? We can find shapes everwhere.

What shapes do you see in a chair? A table? A Tray? What about a house?

You might be very curious about what I will create with this colorful foam cube.

To start, I traced my favorite shape. Then, I hammered a few golf tees on it.

Next, I started to wrap the yarn around the tees.


Do you like my shape weaving?



The plants have grown so fast and big!

They need trellis to support their growth.

Look at the avocado seed we planted months ago. Now it has grown into a small plant!


Chinese Activities

Are you excited to start a Sport Week/运动会?