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Newsletter| September, 2019

Theme: Grace and Courtesy/ Pumpkin

Welcome to all our new families, and welcome back returning families! We are so excited to start the new school year with your little ones. We look forward to a fun filled year of exploring, discovering and learning.


First Day of School

Let's measure how tall you are!

Do you know how much you weigh?

I take my picture of the first day of school!


English Activities

There is so much to learn in the first month of school.

"Do you know what to do if you need help in the class?"

"Raise my hand or tap teacher!"

This is my first time to learn how to roll a floor mat.

"Do you know what is this picture?"

"It's a water bottle."

Singing time!

Do you find your knees?


Today we are learning about boy and girl.

"Are you a boy or girl?"

"I am a boy so I am placing my name card on the boy's pile."

It's time to learn how to make a new friend.

"What is your name? What is your name?"

"My name is Summer. My name is Summer."

"It is nice to meet you. it is nice to meet you. Let's be friends. Let's be friends."

"I spy with my little eyes, where is the upper case H?"

"Here it is."

"Where is the matching picture card?"

"I found it."

We are reading 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle.

"Can you help me to count the ducklings? Please."

"One, two, three, four,..."

Show -N-Tell time.

This week we are learning the sound "h" as in "hat".

"Can I try your hat on?"

I finished my apple collage craft.

"I can see the apple and stem but there is one thing missing. Do you know what it is? It can absorb the sun lights."

"It's leaf!"

It's time to harvest our pumpkin from our garden and learn about it.

"This is inside of pumpkin."

"Wow! It looks very strange. what are the strings in the middle of the sliced-opened pumpkin?"

"Ha Ha Ha, the strings are called fibrous strands. Sometimes, people call the seeds and fibrous strands, 'pumpkin brains'."

I want to make a paper pumpkin and bring it home to teach my family.

Pumpkin is incredibly healthy and it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Can you help me to make some pumpkin muffins?

It is time to enjoy my healthy pumpkin muffin with my best friend.

Wow! The sunflower plant is so tall. It almost touches the ceiling and it is taller than us. Let's learn about the parts of sunflower plant.


Chinese Activities

Here is our body. Eyes are for paying attention, mouth is for sharing, ears are for listening, hands are for working and helping, feet are for walking in the classroom.

This is the way how we work on the mat. We pick a work at a time.

I take work with my two hands and walk slowly.

It's snack time. I can take 6 vege straws and 2 slices of peach.

Reading time. When I have questions, I raise my hand and wait quietly.

Let's clap and sing our friend's name.

"早上好,很高兴见到你/ good morning, nice to see you."

Show-N-Tell Day.

The sound of this week is "b", I bring 霸王龙/ tyrannosaurus for the sound "b" to share to my friends.

I practice writing my name in Chinese.

I review the sounds I've learned.

I can match the sound to the picture.

“ ā á ǎ à ”,I practice the four tones of pinyin.

"cā 擦桌子,cá,cǎ ,cà", the work of Pinyin giraffe is so interesting.

We are learning Chinese stroke.

"/dot,/horizontal stroke,/vertical stroke".

Let's play a game. I found the stroke of in the character "".



The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming. Let's make moon cakes! Do you know what ingredients we are going to prepare?

Here are the modes for us to make moon cakes.

It's our turn now. The first step is making the skin for the moon cakes.

When the skin is ready, we wrap the stuffing inside of it.

Wow, this is the moon cake I made! I hope my family will like it.



Look, the bell pepper can be picked up almost.

It’s the harvest season! Can you believe that the sunflower we've planted from a seed now grows into a giant plant!

I harvest a giant sunflower which is bigger than my head.

After the harvest, we all help to clean the garden together.

It's not an easy work, but I can do it.

I help to pick up the sunflower seeds.

The weather is getting cold, let's help to feed the squirrels.


Child &Faith

Creation 1

In the beginning there was no earth or sky. And then God spoke in the darkness: "Let there be light!" And right away there was light, scattering the darkness and showing the infinite space. "That's good!" said God. "From now on, when it's dark it will be 'night' and when it's light, it will be 'day'."

The Good Shepherd

In one of His beautiful parables, Jesus compares Himself to a shepherd. "I am the good shepherd," says He, "the good shepherd given his life for the sheep."

God is like a good shepherd. He knows us, leads us, protects us, and keeps us from harm.

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep."

—— John 10:11 ESV


The End

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