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Cooking Fun

Dear friends, the terrible Coronavirus are still crazy outside.

We miss the trees,

the park,

the squirrels, the birds......

and our friends......

But...... We can do fun things at home too......

How about making yummy food? That will be so much fun!

I can not wait to see our friends' fun-filled cooking time at home!


Daniel at Home

Let's come to our friend Daniel's house and see what Daniel is doing.

Oh, he is making Frozen Banana Pops!


Emma at Home

How about our friend Emma? what is she busy making?

Let me guess......


A cake?

Let's open the video and see......


Alexa at Home

We are here in Alexa's house.

Hi Alexa, what are you making? It looks fun!

Alexa has another cooking to show us.

It's Deviled Egg. I like it!

What a busy bumble bee Alexa is. She is working on another new work!


Justin at Home

Let's stop by our friend Justin's house.

Hi Justin, long time no see.

Oh wow, Are you making Bubble Waffle? That's my favorite!

Are you going to make strawberry jello Justin?

Strawberry jello is so good with Bubble Waffle!


Robert at Home

Last we are in our friend Robert's house!

Do you know what Robert and his Sister are making? It's Bubble Milk Tea.

It will be great to enjoy the sweet bubble tea with all the friends in a sunny joyful afternoon......

Robert is going to make Steamed Corn Bun.

Oh look, what shape is he making?


Theme Activity at Home this week


Thank you for all the wonderful sharing, friends. You are such a beautiful sunshine at home.

This week we are going to explore fun in SCIENCE!

Our dear Ms. Sandy brings us some fun.

Now it's your turn, my little scientists. Have fun and enjoy!


The End

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